Münchner Akupunkturhaus
Wir machen Akupunktur für alle erschwinglich! 


Working in a community acupuncture setting enables me to offer you acupuncture for the price of 35 € per treatment in the heart of Munich!
Community acupuncture is acupuncture performed in a multi-bed setting, allowing the acupuncturist to see several patients at a time, thus lowering the costs of treatments. A seperate room serves for private conversations so that confidentiality is kept at all times!
Its a beautiful way to pracitise acupuncture for me, because lower costs allow people to come often enough to get well! Do read my reviews some are in English!

Since this website is mainly in German I warmly invite you to call me if you have any questions! Phone number 089 215 423 18 (Germany +49) or write me a text message to 0178 170 6517 or us the online-form at the end of this page.

To book online use this link Appointments Online / book now!
(click "Neuen Termin buchen" (if you use a smartphone), then "Akupunkturtermin" then "Ersttermin" then choose your time, fill in name etc. and click "Buchen" at the end.)

Gregor Joepgen
BSc (Honours) TCM: Acupuncture, University of Westminster, London.
Münchner Akupunkturhaus
Tumblingerstraße 26
80337 München


Münchner Akupunkturhaus - Tumblingerstr. 26 - München
It is located directly at Kapuzinerplatz, across the street from Arbeitsamt and next to Mittagstisch-Restaurant Saladino. The entrance is behind the house. Inside the house it is the first door on the left.